35 Wittiest Food Memes That are Totally Relatable


They say, “You just can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.” For some of us, food is a safe haven from all the sadness and frustrations we encounter in life.

Admit it! You can’t resist wittiest food memes. Actually, no foodie can! If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that food memes are always hilarious. In this post, we have listed up 35 wittiest food memes that are totally relatable for everyone. From savage jokes on a new diet plan to funny quips on pretentious foodie fads, this list has got it all that will make you go ROFL.


Now sit back, scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the other foodies in your social circle and make them laugh too.

  1. 1 Cake fights against stress

  2. 2 Tour de Pizza

  3. 3 This should be enough

  4. 4 6 would be a little too much you know

  5. 5 Tacos are the real deal


  6. 6 The shadow or Mordor

  7. 7 When Mac n Cheese is life

  8. 8 Wrong decision again

  9. 9 I can be different people for food

  10. 10 When you take cheat meals a little too seriously

  11. 11 Seriously mom?!

  12. 12 Food is love, food is life

  13. 13 My smile is connected to my stomach

  14. 14 The fridge will never leave you

  15. 15 Gordon Ramsey would love this

  16. 16 When you have to chose between stomach medicine and that donut

  17. 17 Rules are rules

  18. 18 If looking at food could fill my stomach

  19. 19 I'll be right there

  20. 20 Boredom = All the fat on my body

  21. 21 Count me in

  22. 22 Wanna try my special burger?

  23. 23 What can offer more pleasure than pizza?

  24. 24 Where did all that food go?

  25. 25 This banana basket is me in real life

  26. 26 I'm still gonna eat them

  27. 27 Worth every single bite

  28. 28 Locate and destroy all the food

  29. 29 You get extra creative

  30. 30 Should have mentioned "For the queen" in remarks

  31. 31 Magic doesn't work that way

  32. 32 Someone putting it to use

  33. 33 WHERE IS IT?!

  34. 34 360 degree of diet

  35. 35 Grandma's special


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