30 Wittiest Photos That Completely Sum Up Parents Lives


Let’s be honest parents can always use some extra laughter every day, don’t you agree?  We know you do! Because raising those little monsters is one of the toughest jobs in life. Usually, the world expects parents to be perfect. They’re supposed to have it all under control. But we all know how true that is. Often their daily tantrums, pooping, puking and screaming leaves parents in a miserable condition. Consider parenthood as the biggest life-changing event which ultimately alters every perspective of one’s life.


In this post, we have listed up almost 30 wittiest photos that completely sum up parents lives and their ultimate struggles. Scroll on and start your laugh meters because we bet these photos will make you laugh out loud and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share this post with all the other parents on your list!

  1. 1 They've gotten less trendier with time

  2. 2 Mothers day goals

  3. 3 Regretting that decision now?

  4. 4 Literal nightmare


  5. 5 Having a kid is a scary movie in itself

  6. 6 Welcome to the life

  7. 7 Its been ages

  8. 8 They're children. Its their job to ask questions

  9. 9 Ultimate infant protection

  10. 10 Protecting all appliances from the little beasts

  11. 11 My child has compassion

  12. 12 How did he even get up there

  13. 13 Apple juice vs Corn oil

  14. 14 Its not the app's fault

  15. 15 Cleaning up duties

  16. 16 Its torture time

  17. 17 Too late now

  18. 18 Leave a child alone for a few minutes and this is what you get

  19. 19 Licking is his passion

  20. 20 Fair attempt I must say

  21. 21 She's been clean for a while now

  22. 22 Ruined all of them

  23. 23 They went out to play for 10 mins

  24. 24 Have a Baby they said... it will be fun they said.... (Decibel meter for reference)

  25. 25 I swear i don't know where he learned this!

  26. 26 Don't let your child use your laptop

  27. 27 Hello Mommy!!

  28. 28 He wanted a french beard

  29. 29 Sibling Stories


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