36 Weirdest People Ever Seen At the Airport


Airports are amazing. We see people from all walks of life at the airport who bring all sorts of cultures and experiences with them when they travel. When so many individuals come together from different parts of the world, weirdness is most certainly expected.

In this post, we have listed 36 photos of the weirdest people ever seen at the airport. From people doing yoga at airport lounge to those wearing weird outfits, this list is totally hilarious that will make you go ROFL.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 That’s some “crack” security there!

  2. 2 One word....."What?!"

  3. 3 On a recent trip to Taipei, a friend captured this in the security line...

  4. 4 Hipsters these days... Just your typical day in a Seattle airport

  5. 5 US Airways' finest passenger.


  6. 6 Excuse me madame, I think you forgot, err....., your pants!

  7. 7 Let your booty do the talkin', Kim. The TSA will listen.

  8. 8 Mobile sleeper carriage

  9. 9 My friend's daughter just flew by herself for the first time. This was how he greeted her at the airport.

  10. 10 Things you could do when you're bored at the airport

  11. 11 When they strip check you and you don't wear clothes in protest

    52-year-old Tammy Banovac passing through the checkpoint in her underwear with her poodle on her lap. She did this because she had experienced a nasty search in the past and had "nothing to hide".

  12. 12 Since we are on the 'people in luggage' category...guess she tried to smuggle him in to save money?

  13. 13 Relationship goals

  14. 14 A friend came across this at London Heathrow airport

  15. 15 The Dark Lord getting the reception he deserves

  16. 16 Nobody mess with the engines please

  17. 17 For people who like to sleep in the dark

  18. 18 Traveling in ultimate style

  19. 19 Guess who's back for Christmas?

  20. 20 My friend who is in the Marines had his little brother pick him up at the airport. This is what he was wearing...

  21. 21 This is how my friend's dad greeted her at the airport yesterday. BEST DAD EVER!

  22. 22 When benches are too hard to sleep on at the airport

  23. 23 That moment when you can tell that a couple will be together forever

  24. 24 Apparently booked a business trip on a furry flight. I’m the only non-furry

  25. 25 Staying at the airport overnight, you're doing it right

  26. 26 My buddy spotted this guy at the airport on the moving walkway, sitting in a chair, eating McDonalds while catching Pokemon.

  27. 27 Met him at the airport. I asked him what made him do that and he replied "Cause I can"

  28. 28 When you don't like the seating in the waiting lounge

  29. 29 Forget tinfoil hats, this is next gen stuff.

  30. 30 This is my traveling dress code

  31. 31 Waiting in style

  32. 32 Oh you naughty TSA boys. That youngin' on the left can't hide his enthusiasm.

  33. 33 Lord Varys, is that you?

  34. 34 Come at me bro!

  35. 35 That's one way to have fun at work

  36. 36 Sleeping in the wrong place


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