25 Weird Clothing and Fashion Trends That People are Already Following


The world of social media is a weird place. It lets us meet new people, stay in touch, and share everyday experiences with them no matter the distance. It often introduces many trends that come and go, some of them appear to be more outrageous than others but it is all individual’s choice whether or not to follow these latest fashion trends.  For some reason, this year the runway gods gave us a whole heap of unnecessary items that only the bravest of souls are willing to put in their closet. They’re bold, risky and well, somehow weird.


In this post, we have listed 25 weird clothing and fashion trends that people are already following. These people don’t believe in limiting themselves by following the mainstream fashion trends. They proudly flaunt their style with confidence without worrying about the opinion of others. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Who knows maybe one day, you can also pull the following trends too!

  1. 1 Slit pants

  2. 2 Bike shorts

  3. 3 Waist-High Boots

  4. 4 Half Jeans


  5. 5 Microbags

  6. 6 What are these even called?

  7. 7 XXL Bags

  8. 8 Would you go for a half shirt?

  9. 9 Only for people with giant thighs and weak legs

  10. 10 Because old fashioned people wear matching shoes

  11. 11 This shall protect my shorts from the rain

  12. 12 It's called "The Homeless Shirt"

  13. 13 That correctly placed shark fin

  14. 14 The longer you look at this, the more questions you'll have about her style sense

  15. 15 Explain the purpose of this bralet

  16. 16 When you run out of cloth but still want to make the jacket

  17. 17 The new pom pom jeans

  18. 18 Cow print

  19. 19 Denim knee-high boots

  20. 20 When you sweat a lot in the thighs

  21. 21 Jeans you can wear on beach day

  22. 22 When you really want to show off your under shirt

  23. 23 There is no stopping the Ikea blue bag

  24. 24 Denim Flip-Flops

  25. 25 Oversize Sweatshirts and No Pants


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