30 Weird Beauty Trends That Has Gone Too Far


They say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Well, Yeah! That’s true but, in today’s modern time’s beauty has become a standard that most beauty bloggers and influencers elucidate according to their likes and preferences. All they need for becoming a beauty guru is a couple of thousand followers on Instagram and they become a hit.

Since so many people are becoming “influencers” these days, the competition is becoming quite contentious on social media which eventually gives birth to a lot of wacky and strange trends in pursuit of becoming different than others. Often times these weird trends spread like wildfire and most people starts following them without much questioning and you are left asking yourself, “‘what were they thinking?” Right?


In this post, we have listed 30 weird beauty trends of many beauty gurus on social media that has gone too far. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Face jewellery!

  2. 2 Triple brows?

  3. 3 Not kissing again

  4. 4 Emo with a taste for Geometry


  5. 5 I was in the chair getting my hair cut, then my hair dresser took an emergency phone call, and ran out the Salon crying hysterically. Let me tell you, she was not the only one in tears!

  6. 6 Eyebrows that give Star Trek characters a run for their money

  7. 7 Let them grow

  8. 8 Neon Nights

  9. 9 Glitter tears!

  10. 10 Let it shine

  11. 11 Glitter on

  12. 12 Crystal kinda love

  13. 13 Meet the queen of fashion trends

  14. 14 Funky makeup

  15. 15 A flower holding flowers

  16. 16 Asians and their creepy fashion trends

  17. 17 Lollipop lips

  18. 18 A beard is supposed to make a man look manly. Not anymore I guess.

  19. 19 Eyebrow grow garden!

  20. 20 And these botanical nails...!!

  21. 21 New trend alert! Wavy Lips...

  22. 22 Glitter tongue!! Really??!

  23. 23 Got punched.... Bruise makeup!!

  24. 24 Talk about being extra

  25. 25 Going to a Hard Metal concert

  26. 26 Bizarre nail art

  27. 27 Glitter boobs

  28. 28 These legs support LGBT

  29. 29 The mightiest uni-brow of them all

  30. 30 Forget the real brows, try these Moon Brows!!

  31. 31 New wave makeup

  32. 32 Seeing through the waves


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