26 Vintage Photos to Give You New Ideas to Spice Up Your Instagram Account


Many of us sign up for an Instagram account and set up our profile, but then we all hit a hurdle: What exactly should we post? Right? If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.


When it comes to Instagram, there are two types of people! There are some who are more deliberate. They take time to figure out the color palette and a general theme for Instagram. And then there are those who care less about their social media being cohesive.  They will post whatever they like, videos, selfies you name it! But for both categories of people generating a steady stream of content can be a struggle on Instagram. But, the good news is that there are plenty of different ways to approach Instagram to keep your feed fresh and your followers engaged and retro photos are certainly one of them. They can serve as an inspiration for your next Instagram post. So, to spice up your Instagram game scroll on to see our curated list below for some incredible vintage photo ideas and enjoy peeps!

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