30 “Very Ugly Plates” With Dark Humour By Kamila Majcher


If you are itching to redo your home or tweak a few things here and there to give it a different look, you definitely need to consider some old traditions like decorating your space with plates. After all, some decorating trends like these are cyclical and these certain classics will never go out of style, and they can be traced right back to your home. Decorating with plates is an eclectic and creative way to add color, pattern and visual punch to your living room.

Kamila Majcher is a Berlin-based artist and the creator of a project called Very Ugly Plates. In her work, she gives a new life to these second-hand items; they are all wall plates that are “serving humor.”  Every single item in her collection is inspired by a real-life story and her plates are funny in a dark way.


In this post, we have listed 30 “Very Ugly Plates” with dark humor by Kamila Majcher. Scroll on to see them yourself and be inspired, peeps!

More info: veryuglyplates.de | Instagram

  1. 1 Where is it, Tim?

  2. 2 A more accurate saying.

  3. 3 I wish they still payed mine.

  4. 4 Yeah, you are.


  5. 5 I wouldn't trust her if I was you.

  6. 6 Some belief would be helpful.

  7. 7 But, but... Okay, Mr. Good boi.

  8. 8 A more accurate description.

  9. 9 Sometimes you just have to let loose.

  10. 10 When you just feel like being down.

  11. 11 Okay, deer.

  12. 12 That's just too mean.

  13. 13 Me and my friend's thoughts after every weekend.

  14. 14 That's what I've been saying.

  15. 15 For sure.

  16. 16 The Wolf of Wall Street.

  17. 17 All day every day.

  18. 18 Unicorn.

  19. 19 No kidding.

  20. 20 Get to the point.

  21. 21 Me 2 mins into my day.

  22. 22 Pull out, I guess.

  23. 23 But why, Mr. Fluffles?

  24. 24 That's one way to do it.

  25. 25 The truth.

  26. 26 No use in ruining your day over something.

  27. 27 Blonde teenager.

  28. 28 At least they are loyal.

  29. 29 Hmm... hmm.

  30. 30 Some girls need to learn how to use makeup.

  31. 31 ****.

  32. 32 Not all millennials are like that.

  33. 33 Can I have a gram?

  34. 34 Those eyes are piercing through my soul.

  35. 35 My girlfriend some days.

  36. 36 Well, what you get is what you get.

  37. 37 Still cute though.

  38. 38 Time to buy that Harley.

  39. 39 Get off your lazy butt.

  40. 40 You don't say.

  41. 41 Watch where you're kneeling kid.

  42. 42 Cute mess.

  43. 43 Should do the trick.

  44. 44 Inside your soul.

  45. 45 That's the right way to do it.

  46. 46 If you ask that question, you already are.

  47. 47 Millennials.

  48. 48 I'm your shepherd.

  49. 49 Gladly.


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