42 Unusual Design Fails That are Hard to Explain


Everyone has their off days, even designers. We can’t all be Leonardo Da Vinci when it comes to design. Some people test their creativity to the end of sanity. They come up with designs that are so embarrassingly messed up and useless, that they make you wonder how they were created in the first place.

We know that you have seen examples of lousy design fails. But were those products as creative as the ones in this collection? You be the judge and decide! We have listed 42 unusual design disasters that are going to make you burst into laughter.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Get over your dirty mind already pal

  2. 2 Rebirth is real

  3. 3 Ready for the action

  4. 4 Wanna try these ear rings?


  5. 5 Her body shape's going nicely with it

  6. 6 Wearing them in all the wrong places

  7. 7 Now you see the spidey connection

  8. 8 When you don't pay the designer

  9. 9 Don't know what they sell but I'm definitely not buying it

  10. 10 This Damn Mirror

  11. 11 When you're looking for a spot to get things going with your gal and you see this

  12. 12 Saw this in the kid's park next to my house...

  13. 13 Putin doing a Mega Mind

  14. 14 Wipe it out fellas

  15. 15 Pain or pleasure?

  16. 16 This old toy is truly a marvel

  17. 17 Not taking my kids to the park again

  18. 18 he's too young to be involved in stuff like this

  19. 19 So what did you feel after eating so many tacos?

  20. 20 Didn't know Australian people were born with such deformities

  21. 21 Eating from your leftovers

  22. 22 When you hire a cheap home designer

  23. 23 The height of confusion

  24. 24 Came for a confession. Not doing it ever in my life again!

  25. 25 Because who gives a damn about privacy?

  26. 26 Just a couple of candles...

  27. 27 I really, really hope that's hand wash liquid

  28. 28 Found these in my 8 year old's diary. He seems to be very good at drawing.

  29. 29 New On Netflix ‘Love In The Buff’ Cheeky Film Poster Font Cracks Up Internet

  30. 30 This van is offensive af

  31. 31 That’s A Pokemon In The Bag

  32. 32 This Belgian Neckermann advertisement...

  33. 33 The kinky way they get this sculpture to hang in the air

  34. 34 Probably not the best color for a bike saddle

  35. 35 Just why...

  36. 36 There's external sources involved

  37. 37 Seriously?

  38. 38 When your security gate is literally a ladder.

  39. 39 Perfect design

  40. 40 What were you thinking?!

  41. 41 The backside of this donut costume...

  42. 42 This outlet in our room at a kid friendly hotel.


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