40 Unique and Creative Staircase Art That Can Put You in an Aesthetic Coma


What image pops up first in your mind when you hear the word staircase? Well, folks! Most of us think of the same old shape of the basic staircase that we used to draw in our childhood, right? But, some people are so talented that they think outside the box and create artwork in places we could never imagine. These people don’t imprison their art in cold halls of galleries instead they manifest their creativity in the urban environment around them. This post is about the latter category of people.


In this post, we have listed 40 unique and creative staircases that can definitely put you in an aesthetic trance. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Reminded me of my friends

  2. 2 That would make climbing the stairs easier

  3. 3 Throwback to childhood memories

  4. 4 This neighborhood is a treat to the eyes


  5. 5 Posers be like

  6. 6 Child artists drew this

  7. 7 Fancy sparing some money?

  8. 8 Perfect spot to go with your better half

  9. 9 The colors that would boost your stamina

  10. 10 Walk on the rhythm

  11. 11 Steps and patterns

  12. 12 Is this where rainbows start?

  13. 13 Tropical colors

  14. 14 School children decorated the stairs that lead to their school

  15. 15 If Hitler had a longer mustache

  16. 16 Walk on a box of colors

  17. 17 Roses to lighten up your day

  18. 18 The common man's face

  19. 19 Am I in paradise?

  20. 20 An abstract stream flowing through the stairs

  21. 21 Traditional work

  22. 22 One more reason to climb the stairs

  23. 23 Stairs in India

  24. 24 One hint of creativity can brighten up the whole block

  25. 25 Keeping things formal here

  26. 26 It's a splash

  27. 27 Life in a fish tank

  28. 28 Into the valleys

  29. 29 Sleeping on the weekend like

  30. 30 Perfecting gardening design

  31. 31 I hope you don't fall while going up

  32. 32 Gardens can also tell stories

  33. 33 The wolf will watch over you


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