30 Unexpected Photos That Became Perfect Masterpieces Thanks to Their Backgrounds


Most of the time, we’re so caught up in the moment that we forget our surroundings. Later, once we’re going through the photos we realize how the backgrounds completely change our photos. The Academy Awards present Oscars to the best-supporting actors for a reason. There are many important things that frequently happen in the background!

Sometimes it happens intentionally, and sometimes it happens accidentally when a photographer isn’t paying enough attention.  Whether intentional or accidental, backgrounds can often transform random photos into unexpected masterpieces.


In this post, we have listed 30 unexpected photos that became perfect masterpieces thanks to their backgrounds. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share your favorite ones with all the photographers on your list.

  1. 1 Attack of the butterfly

  2. 2 The horse troll

  3. 3 Too much going on in this picture

  4. 4 My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: My son in the background.


  5. 5 When you get the prime spot so the guy at the back has to propose by a bench

  6. 6 First I thought: The man in the bright blue shirt has nice hair but then

  7. 7 Watch them drown

  8. 8 The first photo bomb ever

  9. 9 She landed on my shoulder!

  10. 10 There's an important conference call going on in the background

  11. 11 The face of betrayal

  12. 12 Arya Stark vs the Night king

  13. 13 My brother's bird chillin' while my dog brings obsession/creepyness to a new level...

  14. 14 What a fishy photo bomb

  15. 15 When you've been wanting to go to jail for so long

  16. 16 Celebrating the arrival of Mr Cage

  17. 17 When the dog is happier than the couple

  18. 18 What chu lookin at?

  19. 19 When your friend makes new friends

  20. 20 Selfie photo bomb... Nailed it

  21. 21 Even support needs support

  22. 22 The mindset of every girl in one picture

  23. 23 Grandpa is ice cold

  24. 24 The frontground is more interesting than background...!

  25. 25 The maid of honor is from the aqua world

  26. 26 She's a keeper

  27. 27 Photobomb Expert!!

  28. 28 Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb U2 at the Academy Awards

  29. 29 Are we supposed to be impressed by the length of the gummy worm or those foot nails?

  30. 30 Who came up with this genius idea?!


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