30 Unbelieveable Photos of People Bumped Into Their Doppelganger


Do you know what a doppelganger is? For those who don’t know, a doppelganger is someone who’s a non-biological look-alike of another person. It’s like having an identical twin, except you’re not related to them. Funny eh? Imagine how awesome it would be to bump into your doppelganger? I keep waiting for that moment, but it hasn’t happened to me yet. 


But there are many others who have found their doppelgangers. In this post, we have shared photos of 30 people along with their doppelgangers. Cool right? Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Look who I met at the supermarket today

  2. 2 Grandpa's doppelganger came to see him dressed exactly the same as him

  3. 3 Didn't know Bruno Mars has a twin

  4. 4 Need to go to the same specs guy


  5. 5 Charles Xavier (x2)

  6. 6 No wonder marines confuse the enemy

  7. 7 Both of us don't have a facial cut

  8. 8 Get on the Ganja train

  9. 9 The Bob Marley fan club

  10. 10 My school crush has a twin, and she also rejected me...

  11. 11 Met myself at the bar today

  12. 12 The fancy blazer should help separating us

  13. 13 Taylor Swift has pretty cousins

  14. 14 My take away from high School pool party number 1

  15. 15 The hat helps

  16. 16 Went to the park with my family, and they mistook her for me.

  17. 17 Brother from another mother

  18. 18 The Asian dilemma

  19. 19 Two bodies, one face

  20. 20 The meaning of life has been fulfilled

  21. 21 Always love meeting new people at the beach bar. Didn't know I'd meet myself though.

  22. 22 Can I sue them?

  23. 23 Meet my first cousin George

  24. 24 I made a new friend today, for obvious reasons.

  25. 25 Meet the new me

  26. 26 Double trouble this Christmas

  27. 27 The party's just getting started

  28. 28 Keeping a check on myself

  29. 29 That's not me!!

  30. 30 Welcome aboard, fellow doppelgangers...

  31. 31

  32. 32

  33. 33

  34. 34

  35. 35

  36. 36

  37. 37

  38. 38

  39. 39

  40. 40


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