22 Unbelievable Tricks Photographers Use to Advertise Food To Make it Look Appetizing


Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of eating a disappointing food meal that looks nothing like the tempting advertisements that made you crave it in the first place? Well, we bet you have all been there!

Advertised foods rarely look exactly like the delicious-looking culinary blends we see in print ads and television commercials rather advertisers use some tricks to make food look more appetizing just to make your mouth water and some of the tricks can get nasty! And we mean really NASTY! Like a commercial featuring a burger where the meat looks like it’s dripping in juices is actually made that way by using actual black polish or maple syrup doesn’t always look great on camera, they might turn to motor oil as a stand-in, surprised much? Keep scrolling to find out more and you’ll be shocked we promise!


In this post, we have listed 22 unbelievable tricks that photographers use to advertise food and make it look appetizing. Take a look peeps and enjoy!

h/t: imgur

  1. 1 Chicken is stuffed with paper towels

  2. 2 Engine oil instead of maple syrup

  3. 3 Liquid soap creates foam

  4. 4 A deodorant makes fruit shiny


  5. 5 Burger patties are colored with shoe polish

  6. 6 Incense is used to get steam over a hot dish.

  7. 7 Glycerin keeps seafood looking fresh

  8. 8 Glucose syrup for Chinese noodles

  9. 9 Sponge cake in the cake is laid with pieces of cardboard, and shaving cream is often used instead of cream.

  10. 10 Mashed potatoes instead of ice cream

  11. 11 Shaving cream instead of whipped cream

  12. 12 Glue instead of milk

  13. 13 Plastic ice cubes

  14. 14 Sparkling drinks with antacids

  15. 15 Sauces are prepared with wax

  16. 16 Steam is artificial

  17. 17 Exotic cocktails made from gelatin and dyes

  18. 18 Delicious tacos are made not from meat, but from makeup puffs

  19. 19 Painted with syrup, and traces of the grill are drawn with a marker

  20. 20 To keep the sandwiches, use duct tape, cardboard and toothpicks

  21. 21 Coloring Hamburger buns with brown shoe polish

  22. 22 Soap foam helps to achieve the effect of fresh milk with foam


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