32 Ultimate Perfectly Timed Masterpieces


We all love our fair share of perfectly timed photos, don’t we folks??

You know why? It’s because sometimes “who, what, and how” is surpassed by “when.” Timing can be everything. It’s a reality of life, even if a rather cruel one. You may meet your soul mate, but if she’s on her honeymoon at the time, it won’t do you much good or You are about to have the last piece of your favorite chocolate but your brother has it before you even reach fridge’s door. A split second can mean the difference between a life-altering collision or veered wheels and curse words.


In photography, 1/100th of a second can mean the difference between getting star moment shot or just getting A shot. All the photographers endeavor to seize that split-second magic when everything fits together to make a perfect image that ideally depict the extreme focus and agility of hurdlers. Scroll on to see our list of 32 ultimate perfectly timed masterpieces and enjoy!

  1. 1 Oh no my midlife crisis mobile.

  2. 2 Should've used burst mode.

  3. 3 When you're low key a water bender.

  4. 4 Field Day for the Kindergarteners. I discovered this perfectly timed shot as I was sorting pictures.


  5. 5 Walking on water.

  6. 6 Damn photobombing pigeon.

  7. 7 I hope it lands on her ugly hat.

  8. 8 Sometimes, all you can do is watch.

  9. 9 Leopard loop.

  10. 10 Did someone order a shower?

  11. 11 Peddle faster, I got places to be.

  12. 12 When you're a complete goner, but the squad's still got your back.

  13. 13 Nice haircat.

  14. 14 Timed to perfection.

  15. 15 I don't think that ended well.

  16. 16 Doggo must catch ball.

  17. 17 I hope no children or birds were harmed in making this.

  18. 18 When your hair's ruined, but you still got your crazy dance moves.

  19. 19 Look at the fear on her face.

  20. 20 Can't choose between being a break dancer or a rockstar.

  21. 21 Walk it off, I guess.

  22. 22 Waste of a perfectly good ice cream.

  23. 23 I would've gone with a cannonball.

  24. 24 Hey! What you lookin' at?

  25. 25 Oh no mah force field.

  26. 26 Holy Doggo.

  27. 27 I knew this was a bad idea.

  28. 28 Good thing he got his phone back.

  29. 29 The old dude's still killing it.

  30. 30 Babysitting sucks.

  31. 31 And that was the start of a great friendship.

  32. 32 When you're one with the ball.


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