30 Truly Amazing and Unusual Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exists


We’ve all heard of surreal delicacies from around the globe, but we’ve rarely seen unusual restaurants that follow the notion of building their future with creative marketing. Many people with a curious nature tend to try something different so they can create long-lasting memories of their life. That’s why restaurants try to stand out and offer their customers an experience like no other.

From restaurant alongside the Northern Lights to dining in devil’s creek, listed in this post are 30 photos of truly amazing and unusual restaurants you won’t believe actually exists.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy these restaurants, maybe someday you will end up eating in one of them.

  1. 1 Have your dinner alongside the Northern Lights

  2. 2 On top of the world

  3. 3 Make some new friends while you enjoy your meal here

  4. 4 Wanna try some seafood?


  5. 5 Dining in the Shire

  6. 6 Dining in Devil's Creek

  7. 7 This restaurant is the dream of every Mechanical Engineer

  8. 8 Welcome to Princess Elsa's dinner hall

  9. 9 Your dream get away dine destination

  10. 10 A place to head to for the summers

  11. 11 This is the place to be if you like bones or you're a surgeon

  12. 12 Try some chicken wings in Cowboy Land

  13. 13 Romantic and Old School

  14. 14 This restaurant in Italy can be your dream date destination

  15. 15 Casino themed restaurant

  16. 16 Have your meal in the middle of the jungle

  17. 17 The place for you if you're a pet lover

  18. 18 Ever had a meal mid air?

  19. 19 You'll fall in love with the theme

  20. 20 For Breaking Bad lovers only

  21. 21 You can eat with the King of The Jungle

  22. 22 You'll definitely vomit if you're afraid of heights

  23. 23 Throwing a fancy dinner? This is the place you should book

  24. 24 Keeping things basic

  25. 25 This restaurant moves every weekend to a new place

  26. 26 The Raptor dine in

  27. 27 Robots serve you here

  28. 28 Try the penitentiary style of dining

  29. 29 Enter the Barbie world

  30. 30 This hospital themed restaurant

  31. 31 Drinking wine like babies

  32. 32 Dining on a sky full of stars


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