21 Trolls With Incredible Sense of Humour


Some people are just born to be comedians. They have an awesome sense of humor which they don’t hesitate to use to troll others. We’ve all come across such trolls who’re a pain in the backside, but they sure keep the mood in the room light. 


Listed in this post are photos of hilarious pranks by trolls. You can’t deny that these trolls have an amazing sense of humor. I really couldn’t stop laughing at the 18th picture. Way to go dad! Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Parents troll daughter and boyfriend by recreating their facebook selfie!

  2. 2 P**nography hurts...

  3. 3 Thats the back side of his head

  4. 4 Our magazine does a swim suit issue once a year featuring models who submit applications online. We had a new submission this year that really caught our eye...


  5. 5 Thats savage!

  6. 6 He doesn't look impressed!

  7. 7 Seems like Jesus is cool with it

  8. 8 My Mom sent this to me for Easter.

  9. 9 When you need to keep seats for your squad

  10. 10 Thats not what it looks like

  11. 11 Cause I wanted to troll my sister!

  12. 12 He meant his truck...!!

  13. 13 What Death Metal sounds like to normal people

  14. 14 When your neighbor is not your friend

  15. 15 Thats not what it looks like

  16. 16 Thats not his face

  17. 17 A car of a Simpson's fan!

  18. 18 Using toilet paper has never felt so inappropriate.

  19. 19 This epic troll dad

  20. 20 Grandma forcing me into trying her British breakfast like....

  21. 21 We officially have a pet Croc now


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