30 Times When Stock Photographers Had No Idea What They are doing and People Reactions are Hilarious


Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer or a blogger, surely you must have heard about stock photography up till now. If not then trust me fellow you were living under a rock for this long *wink*. Stock photography is the supply of royalty free pictures, which are often licensed for specific uses. At one point or the other, we often find ourselves in need of good stock photos that we can use in our work.  But sometimes we come across such absurd and funny stock photos that the only response to them we could think of is a Face palm.

In this post, we have listed 30 times when stock photographers had no Idea what they were doing and people reactions to their confusion is simply hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 It just makes me feel better

  2. 2 The bones talk to me

  3. 3 How's the view down there doc?

  4. 4 Because intense writing requires a sensual look


  5. 5 Saving the environment. What else?

  6. 6 Preach Mr. Pharmacist, Preach!

  7. 7 You can't code properly if you don't feel it

  8. 8 The nature speaks to me

  9. 9 Listen to the groove of mathematics

  10. 10 That was hard to find

  11. 11 10 points to Gryfindor

  12. 12 Teaching is a profession that requires good actors

  13. 13 How to get killed on work 101

  14. 14 It's a world of imagination

  15. 15

  16. 16 How to keep a library in order

  17. 17 Listening to those thoughts

  18. 18 Hair ruining sequence initiating

  19. 19 The cure to all diseases

  20. 20 This looks very wrong

  21. 21 Lab coats above normal clothes any day of the year

  22. 22 I am Groot

  23. 23 An engineer does get distracted though

  24. 24 Looking for errors in my code like

  25. 25 Staring helps reveal new secrets

  26. 26 Colors give me more ideas

  27. 27 True soil shall keep you healthy

  28. 28 Is that what test tube babies look like?!

  29. 29 A photographer you can trust

  30. 30 In a relationship with grass


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