26 Times When Photos Doesn’t Go as Planned


Internet is an amazing hub for creative people where they can get inspiration to recreate wonderful DIYs, recipes, and photos. Everyone wants their photographs to be perfect. However, when people see creative photos they often forget about the photoshop skills, hard work and good luck that goes into making a professional photo.  That’s why things never really happen as they’re supposed to. No matter how much you plan, photos that look awesome on the internet usually turn out to be the biggest fails.


So, take a look at our curated selection of 26 hilarious photo fails that will definitely make you think about hiring a professional photographer for your upcoming events.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps! We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.

  1. 1 I took a Picture in the exact same moment someone took a Picture with Flash on and it cut my Picture perfectly in half

  2. 2 My daughter’s one year old picture didn’t go quite as planned...

  3. 3 How can you say no to that face.

  4. 4 Woops.. Sorry.. Don't mind me.. Just passing through..


  5. 5 Never take a selfie during a snowball fight

  6. 6 Hey, did you get my good side?

  7. 7 Let go of me you filthy animal.

  8. 8 Trying to take a 5 month picture and the dog jumped in...

  9. 9 Hurry and get in here Grandma.

  10. 10 You better not mess with this kid in school.

  11. 11 Oh no I tripped.

  12. 12 When you want to have a good time but you're broke.

  13. 13 Hey, Dave, How do you put the time on again?

  14. 14 My daughter's first attempt using a jump rope did not end well.

  15. 15 Still my favorite picture of me and my brother, my grandpa caught the moment before my tears perfectly

  16. 16 Because that's just what brothers do.

  17. 17 Their photobombing skills are out of this world.

  18. 18 Say cheeeze...

  19. 19 "Best" dad goes to:

  20. 20 Just me out here being fabulous.

  21. 21 Tag, you're it.

  22. 22 How the hell is he so photogenic.

  23. 23 Just bad timing.

  24. 24 My boyfriend was taking photos of me and a bug flew by

  25. 25 My friend asked her fiancé to take a picture of her in Milan

  26. 26 When you come into work after partying on the weekend.


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