30 Times When People Tried to Create Something Unique in the Kitchen But Failed Miserably


With thousands of enticing recipes on Pinterest, everyone is tempted to try them every once in a while. You may think that if you have followed the recipe measured and used all the ingredients carefully it’s enough. Well, folks! Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. Wonder why? The answer is simple enough. There is a difference between following the right directions and thinking that you have followed the right directions. And somehow, somewhere during the cooking, something goes horribly wrong. The food that looks awesome in the pictures looks terrible in your kitchen. The only thing you’ll have from your adventures in the kitchen will be colorful messes and funny memories.

An instagram profile known as “arugulamilkshake” shares the hilarious pictures of people who try to create something unique in the kitchen but fail miserably. We have curated some of their best photos in the list below, scroll on and enjoy peeps!


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