35 Times When Designers Creatively Turned Ordinary Things Into Into Real Masterpieces


Folks! Take some time out and close your eyes, think about our human capabilities in terms of problem-solving, innovation and creative expression. We bet, the thoughts are likely something in this world that blows your mind. Human creativity has no bounds. People with wild imaginations see things differently than others. They can turn ordinary things into real masterpieces. A shawl with butterfly wings, a genie lamp bottle cap that is granting wishes, pasta that looks like hair, or banana peel bottles,  many talented individuals see possibility in the things that are completely ordinary.


In this post, we have listed 35 cool ideas that make ordinary things look more fun. Keep scrolling peeps and give a big round of applause to their designers for thinking outside the box like no other. If you know any artistic souls in your friend’s circle then share this post with them, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 That is really clever design.

  2. 2 Really nice and functional.

  3. 3 The 8th dwarf, Hungry.

  4. 4 Pretty cool sheep toilet paper holder.


  5. 5 Decorative sushi tape.

  6. 6 Big foot salad tongs.

  7. 7 Bear bread.

  8. 8 Real banana milk!!

  9. 9 Beautiful levitating moon lamp.

  10. 10 Does it grant wishes?

  11. 11 They seemed to suddenly come upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in a winter wood.

  12. 12 I still don't think that'll get your kids to eat them though.

  13. 13 Really exceptional business cards of a hair designer.

  14. 14 Reflection on the DVD as a part of design

  15. 15 Traffic light for the Jedi. In Ukraine.

  16. 16 A slice of the good life.

  17. 17 Futuristic tap design. Really satisfying to look at.

  18. 18 My shoes taken without a flash and then again with flash.

  19. 19 Always pass on what you have learned, you must.

  20. 20 Paint Roller Lamp By Natalie Sampson

  21. 21 Dina Ear Cuff by Mara Paris.

  22. 22 kirting Board Sunset Lamp by Helmut Smits.

  23. 23 Well designed cutting station.

  24. 24 A wall lamp for all those dog lovers out there.

  25. 25 UP Balloon Coffee Table by Duffy London.

  26. 26 Dragon Lego Table by Ogilvy

  27. 27 Pentaward Silver Award winning design by Nikita Konkin.

  28. 28 This fork and spoon look like gardening tools

  29. 29 Trump bus in Copenhagen.

  30. 30 My milkshake was served in a lightbulb.

  31. 31 Architects take things a little too far sometimes.

  32. 32 Bro, do you even hydrate?

  33. 33 A lounge chair built into the dock.

  34. 34 Magic Mike Bread.

  35. 35 This bench that looks like a book


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