35 Times Wedding Celebrations Went Hilariously Wrong


All weddings are glorious and beautiful. Truly! All of them! They are supposed to be a celebration of love, and a platform for an eternal union but whether you spend years or months or days planning yours, something is bound to go wrong and when it does the day ends up being soap opera full of drama. The key to surviving the wedding is to keep your cool and embrace the union with your soon-to-be spouse because sometimes, those things end up making the day even more perfect than you could’ve hoped for.


Listed up in this post are 30 photos when wedding celebrations went hilarious wrong. Scroll on peeps and laugh your heart out!

  1. 1 Sharing the first of many laughs together

  2. 2 I don't wanna see this

  3. 3 The bridesmaid helping out

  4. 4 That dress has officially been ruined


  5. 5 Remember that all of these are not their children

  6. 6 That spill moment

  7. 7 Red velvet tasted good

  8. 8 The tear on her dress could be heard all around

  9. 9 Unlucky start

  10. 10 Giving a demo of what's going to happen next

  11. 11 There goes the little bridesmaid

  12. 12 He wont' let her go

  13. 13 It was a slippery day indeed

  14. 14 When your girl is about to catch it

  15. 15 The faces you make before an orgasm

  16. 16 Her adorable reaction

  17. 17 Looks like his ex is getting married

  18. 18 Had to take the perfect shot

  19. 19 He won't be able to save it now

  20. 20 Little photobombers

  21. 21 Jump gone wrong

  22. 22 It was a mask night

  23. 23 Get a room already

  24. 24 Russians sure know how to ruin a perfect photo

  25. 25 Too many imperfections

  26. 26 She was supposed to show the ring finger

  27. 27 A little too bold

  28. 28 He's coming to get you

  29. 29 The bride and gro people...

  30. 30 Walking down the alter like

  31. 31 The white walkers are coming

  32. 32 I feel sorry for him

  33. 33 A lot can be seen

  34. 34 Captive for life

  35. 35 How's the view down there pal?


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