30 Times This Russian Nail Salon Created The Weirdest Nail Designs


Who does not love nail art, right? It’s a trend that’s growing by leaps and bounds with the influx of numerous talented and creative artists as these unique nail art designs have become one of the hottest trending topics. Having flowers painted on your nails is understandable. Even hearts, stars or skulls for that matter. What doesn’t settle well with us are mac brushes, Aladdin characters or potatoes which no one in their right mind would want to paint, let alone stick on their nails, huh? Maybe, if this was for Halloween we’d understand but otherwise, it’s making us question everything.  Perhaps, in Russia, people prefer everything a bit different than the rest of the world *wink*.

So buckle up interested folks! And keep scrolling to see our curated selection of 30 weirdest nail designs by a Russian salon. Scroll on and enjoy! We bet you’ll find a lot of adorable ideas for the next Halloween.


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  1. 1 This shall be enough to creep out unwanted people

  2. 2 Will never be leading a makeup brush again

  3. 3 The story of Aladdin and Genie

  4. 4 Potato spuds


  5. 5 Nail art for Halloween

  6. 6 If Steve Jobs got his nails done from here

  7. 7 Don't touch me

  8. 8 Prioritize your Oral health or this will happen

  9. 9 There's a whole family story going on

  10. 10 The mechanic has arrived

  11. 11 Celebs spotted on these nails

  12. 12 Flavored jelly

  13. 13 Check mate

  14. 14 When you wanna feed a lot of hamsters

  15. 15 Nail art to please your dentist

  16. 16 Nails of a sailor

  17. 17 Won't have to buy a toothbrush again

  18. 18 Nail art for foodies

  19. 19 Grooving on the music at all times

  20. 20 Tropical treats

  21. 21 Taking gardening as a hobby

  22. 22 When water becomes a rare item

  23. 23 You've found the pearls

  24. 24 Girl Power

  25. 25 Eye brow game is strong

  26. 26 The love for donuts

  27. 27 Lonely Pigeon

  28. 28 Shining cutlery items

  29. 29 Fishing on the hands

  30. 30 Sperm count is too high


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