30 Times This Hilariously Creative Inventor Came Up With The Most Amusing But Useless Inventions


They say, “It’s this innovation and imagination that will continue to bring forward unprecedented levels of triumph in terms of our mastery over nature and to make our life much easier.” Well, we agree that the unique ability to harness thoughts and ideas has produced everything from the first airplane, to the wheel, to the space shuttle, to the microprocessor. But, sometimes ideas for inventions that sound great in your head should only stay there because their outcomes often turn out to be hilarious.

Matt Benedetto is a creative inventor with many ideas for products that are so unnecessary they are hilarious. Even though they don’t serve any purpose whatsoever, you’ll find yourself wanting to get them either for yourself or as funny gifts for your friends. Matt has invented sunglasses with blinds, the Hug Me pillow for those who can’t sleep, a mouth curtain for those who can’t eat, pizza scissors, baby mop, and the list goes on and on. Scroll on and enjoy some of matt’s unnecessary inventions listed below:


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