30 Times This Creative Dad Brings His Kids’ Drawings to Life


Pablo Picasso summed it up well; “Every child is an artist.” A child’s drawing can tell you so much more than you are usually willing to see. Even the simplest piece can tell you the story of their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. Better than keeping them all on the fridge door, a Father-of-two, Tom Curtis decided to do something creative with the wacky drawings of his kids’ (8-year-old Dom and 6-year-old Al) drawings in an ongoing Instagram series called “Things I have drawn.”

From lions, lemurs, and zebras to boats, bikes and bizarre dinosaur robots, this super-dad has created an adorable alternate universe of photo shopped pictures for his kids. Curtis hopes that by continuing the series, he’ll encourage his and the other kids to keep drawing. Scroll on to see the work of Tom Cutis in the list below and enjoy peeps!


More Info: thingsihavedrawn | thingsihavedrawnatthezoo

  1. 1 It’s a rhino from our book

  2. 2 Fox on the rocks!

  3. 3 Creepy as hell

  4. 4 If an Ostrich looks at you like that you run for your life!


  5. 5 Oh my word, it’s a hummingbird.

  6. 6 Unicorns are in the sea as well

  7. 7 Verified It’s the weekend, and would you just look at that? Everyone’s happy - even the cat.

  8. 8 Find yourself a girl that looks at you the way this puppy looks at me

  9. 9 Perfect match

  10. 10 Verified J is for James Bond. The match is uncanny,

  11. 11 The three legged turtle

  12. 12 A new character being introduced into the Cars movie

  13. 13 Unicorn giraffe spotted in an African wildlife park

  14. 14 Biggest living creature on the face of earth

  15. 15 Free huggies

  16. 16 The tiger looks very troubled

  17. 17 Good Lord what happened to Padington

  18. 18 This is a rainbow unicorn.

  19. 19 My friends call me Sunflower

  20. 20 Andy Murray is that you?

  21. 21 All about those smokey eyes

  22. 22 Hey Finger face!!

  23. 23 Always the odd one out

  24. 24 The bear isn't that scary anymore

  25. 25 They actually made the zebra smile

  26. 26 100% correct depiction

  27. 27 Square faced elephants

  28. 28 Have you ever seen a car like that in real life?

  29. 29 Thank God birds don't look like that

  30. 30 The Easter bunny is higher than a chimney


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