32 Times Things Merged With the Background So Perfectly That It Will Challenge Your Eyes


Like well-camouflaged juvenile panther chameleon, everyone dreams of becoming invisible with their background. You may think it’s quite not possible because this fantasy only exists in fiction movies. But what if we told you some photography wizards have incredibly mastered the art of camouflaging into their environment by merging things with their background! What? You don’t believe us, folks? Scroll on and see for yourself!


Listed below are 32 astonishing photos that will challenge your eyes. Don’t miss the 17th picture. It is seriously incredible! Enjoy peeps and share your favorite ones with all the photographers in your list.

  1. 1 This dog appears to be melting.

  2. 2 My ringneck Ziggy chillin on some bananas

  3. 3 Some animals have evolved to mimic their environment. This adaptation helps them to evade predators.

  4. 4 Illusion level 1000

  5. 5 Hide & seek


  6. 6 It's a sea blue kinda day

  7. 7 Blending right in

  8. 8 The floor is him. He is the floor.

  9. 9 Beach colors

  10. 10 That's my kitty

  11. 11 The chair doesn't have a back cover

  12. 12 Camouflage level: Commando

  13. 13 They were trying to show how waxed the car was... Wow!!

  14. 14 That wallpaper though

  15. 15 These socks are creepy

  16. 16 Dog blending into the ground

  17. 17 When you play hide and seek with my cat

  18. 18 You can't see me, can you?

  19. 19 Spot the kitty

  20. 20 The color grading done right

  21. 21 My shoe blended with the tile in a cinema bathroom

  22. 22 Chilling like a boss

  23. 23 She's the deep blue sea

  24. 24 Peek-a-boo

  25. 25 Just a mere coincidence

  26. 26 Camouflage level: my godmother's ex-sister-in-law (really...) on the stairs

  27. 27 Even the snipers can't spot them

  28. 28 Wise owl indeed

  29. 29 Tactical Couch

  30. 30 Outstanding camouflage

  31. 31 It's known for it


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