35 Times Perfectly Good Panoramic Shots Went Hilariously Wrong (New Photos)


Isn’t technology amazing? With advancements in smartphone cameras and different apps that are associated with them, we can now take photographs and have them automatically stitched together.  Through this feature, we can take exquisite panoramic photos of our surroundings. However, technology can sometimes troll us and panoramic photographs can turn out to be hilarious fails.


We’ve compiled a list of 35 photos when perfectly good panoramic shots went hilariously wrong. Now sit back, scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

  1. 1 There is an alien in the audience..

  2. 2 So apparently, you can unwrap your face using your phone's panoramic mode.

  3. 3 Panorama mode can really make you elastic..

  4. 4 Spotted a wild bigfoot at the river


  5. 5 That should not have happened..

  6. 6 My friend did a panorama shot at a wedding and this is how I came out.

  7. 7 This is my friend Filip. Last week he had an "Accident"

  8. 8 When panorama mode literally turns your mom into an a#*hole

  9. 9 No, it wasn't real!

  10. 10 She was never is favor of a panoramic shot!

  11. 11 That's a very cool panoramic shot!

  12. 12 Taking a panoramic picture of your girlfriend vertically creates giant dwarf

  13. 13 I didn't know you can do that with the panorama mode..

  14. 14 Took a panoramic yesterday. No idea how Hamlin got through inspection. Also, the guy in front of me is having a rough day seeing things...

  15. 15 That was not supposed to happen!

  16. 16 So you don't need Photoshop for this..

  17. 17 My friend decided to stand up while I was taking a vertical panorama

  18. 18 He always wanted to be a tall guy!

  19. 19 Pano dual mouth. For all those pizza eating needs

  20. 20 She actually likes the photo...

  21. 21 Panoramic images can be weird..

  22. 22 She likes to multi task..

  23. 23 These heels stole the show!

  24. 24 Took a photo of Butters the corgi while she was swimming on panorama mode. Created a Corgi-pillar.

  25. 25 It's definitely not what you think it is...

  26. 26 I've never seen a more perfect panoramic attempt

  27. 27 I would like to know how that is done!

  28. 28 Where is the rest of your body dad?

  29. 29 The horse moved as I was taking a panorama. I present you: the horsetaur. Half horse, half another horse.

  30. 30 One of his finest pictures!

  31. 31 That's how the magic tricks are done!

  32. 32 At least the background is captured rightly..

  33. 33 That's creepy!

  34. 34 This man on google earth.

  35. 35 Caught him ducking...


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