23 Times People Lied on Social Media and Got Busted


Lying is like a second nature of every human being. And we bet, folks! If lying was a job some people would have been millionaires (no pun intended). People generally tell lies in their daily lives, sometimes to save themselves from humiliation or sometimes just because they want a little extra attention. Even more commonly, people “lie” by presenting an image of themselves and their lives that is imprecise or less than comprehensive, leading the viewer to believe falsehoods.

Whether you’ve bragged about your heroic acts of kindness, your newly bought car, or posted an “accidental” selfie, you’ll have to be a complete smart ass to fool the online trolls because you can’t get away with dumb lies on social media. In most cases, people end up making complete fools out of themselves.


Listed up in this post are 23 hilarious instances where people got busted lying and trust us, my friends!  You’ll not regret seeing them get roasted for it *wink*.

  1. 1 You have to keep up with the new features.

  2. 2 That's her dad.

  3. 3 Really squeezing those sympathy points.

  4. 4 Just some insta magic.


  5. 5 Gotta watch who you're trying to fool.

  6. 6 He who shall not be named.

  7. 7 This dude is really low on brain cells.

  8. 8 When your google image search game is on point.

  9. 9 I'm sure that was meant to be sarcastic, it has to.

  10. 10 This was a convo between my sister and her now ex-boyfriend.

  11. 11 Attention to detail.

  12. 12 Reflective sunglasses strike again.

  13. 13 When you'll do anything to get them likes.

  14. 14 The picture's super cute nonetheless.

  15. 15 Gotta up your photoshop game.

  16. 16 Hypocrisy at its best.

  17. 17 Someone get the people from Guinness on the phone

  18. 18 They grow up so fast.

  19. 19 Who sleeps with earrings and makeup on.

  20. 20 When you're trying to get out of a conversation.

  21. 21 When you just won't go down easy.

  22. 22 There is nothing worse that taking credit for other people's work.

  23. 23 At least double-check before you upload something.


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