30 Times Pastry Chefs Creates Food Illusions That Look Like Other Things


Have you ever seen a dirty kitchen sponge as a pastry? Or a pine cone as a chocolate cake? Well, we bet you haven’t! But things are not what they seem on the plates of Chef Ben Churchill. His food art is a continuous series of optical illusions that conceal delicious desserts under the guise that they’re poisonous objects or downright different dishes.

At first glance, Ben Churchill’s Instagram and Facebook pages seem to be filled with photos of random, inedible objects and savory dishes like eggs over toast. However, the professional chef, who taught himself how to make desserts three years ago, is actually an expert in all things sweet. From the making of a simple candy in the form of an apple or toast to edible ashtrays and rotten oranges, the chef surprises the fans of his work with these delicious desserts.

Scroll on and take a closer look at some of his mind-blowing illusions curated in the list below and enjoy peeps!


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