35 Times Parents Shared Hilarious Photos of Their Kids Crying For Silly Reasons


Watching your little one whirling the arms, screaming at the top of his/her  lungs, bashing his or her head on the floor and crying bloody murder can leave you with a massive headache and the desire to be lost in oblivion.

However, you should know this, temper tantrums are a lot of things: loud, disruptive, embarrassing, chaotic, and, well, natural. The good news is, sometimes these tantrums and wailing jags are kind of funny. OK, sometimes they’re really funny.  You may not be able to acknowledge that when it’s happening, but looking back, many of your child’s worst meltdowns will actually make you go ROFL.


To prove our point we have listed in this post 35 photos when parents shared hilarious photos of their kids crying for silly reasons. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 When mum tricks you into eating fruits

  2. 2 All of her concepts just got shattered

  3. 3 My baby needs help

  4. 4 That's her way of being star struck


  5. 5 Why can't life give us all we want?

  6. 6 But I love pink

  7. 7 I want more muffins like right now

  8. 8 He's gonna be a drinker when he grows up

  9. 9 When you hate sharing your space

  10. 10 Once a cracker goes kaput, there's no fixing it

  11. 11 Why did God make gloves? WHY?

  12. 12 When my son doesn't get what he wants

  13. 13 The love for poop is real

  14. 14 When you don't like hot food

  15. 15 I don't like dogs mommy!!

  16. 16 Life isn't fair to us sometimes

  17. 17 But why would she want to do that?

  18. 18 She doesn't like sharing the table with anyone

  19. 19 Tampon's her favorite toy

  20. 20 She's one of the Lanisters

  21. 21 Do you spot it?

  22. 22 Little things make them grumpy

  23. 23 When you're eager to commit suicide from a young age

  24. 24 Turn it back into one piece

  25. 25 He only likes to eat out

  26. 26 But I really, really want the germs 🙁

  27. 27 Why can't ice cream be hot?

  28. 28 She doesn't like the morning routine

  29. 29 The T-Rex can't even be deadly

  30. 30 I was just being nice

  31. 31 What do you mean its a costume?

  32. 32 But I don't wanna go!!

  33. 33 But it's yummy..

  34. 34 Wasn't that supposed to be the goal?

  35. 35 I like the view


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