30 Times Kids Made Adults LOL With Their Hilariously Innocent Gifts


Kids will always be one of the most innocent souls in our world, won’t you agree?

They are pure, they are innocent, and they are downright hilarious. If you’ve kids in your house then surely you must know that they are the most unpredictable tiny little creatures. Their silly mistakes leave parents somewhere between laughing and scratching their heads. Sometimes, there are no apparent explanations for the odd things they say or do. They don’t care about societal rules or cultural norms. They draw what they see without worrying about embarrassing themselves or their parents.


In this post, we have listed almost 30 photos in which kids made adults laugh out loud with their hilariously innocent gifts. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with other parents on your list as well so they can also have some hoots of laughs like the rest of us.

  1. 1 My 4y/o son went w/my friend to a local novelty bookstore, where he asked to get a present for Mommy. This is what he chose.

  2. 2 My niece made her great grandpa a card for his 88th birthday.

  3. 3 Happy Mother's Day From A 5-Year Old

  4. 4 It's my dad's birthday today and he's in the hospital, my nephew made him this birthday card. Seems like captain obvious returns.


  5. 5 I don't have a Valentine this year, been pretty heartbroken...the little boy I watch made up for it by giving me this <3

  6. 6 My daughter couldn't wait to give me the gift she made. It's "dad seed", a packet with a raisins and sunflower seeds mix I often eat. Maybe the hardest ever to not laugh at an inappropriate time.

  7. 7 I too used to think that tin foil was the same thing as a mirror

  8. 8 My friends daughter drew him a "giraffe" in school today... What do you guys think?

  9. 9 Kids are brutally honest

  10. 10 My sister-in-law teaches the 4th grade. This is what one of her students gave her for Valentines Day

  11. 11 Found this vaguely threatening Valentine card in a box of keepsakes.

  12. 12 The kids made me breakfast for Father's Day

  13. 13 OMG it's the secret identity of captain obvious

  14. 14 Middle school student ("Accidentally?!... yeah, sure...") gave my wife thong underwear.

  15. 15 I'm a medic... My daughter accidentally made the funniest gift I've ever received.

  16. 16 A gift from my daughter.

  17. 17 3-Year-Old (In Bathroom): Mummy, Can I Put This Sticker On Daddy's Card? Me (In Bed): Yes. 3-Year-Old: Will He Love It? Me: Yes

  18. 18 My 11-year old's birthday card to me.

  19. 19 Kid's "glad you're not dead" gift to grandpa

  20. 20 9 Year Old Niece Gave This To My Mom For Mother's Day

  21. 21 I turned 40 yesterday. My 7 year old made me a birthday card.

  22. 22 Daughter painted Father's Day present for me at school. Not sure what to think...

  23. 23 A Card From My 5-Year-Old Daughter Hoping I Win Lots Of "Pennies" At The Casinos In Vegas

  24. 24 A Brown E

  25. 25 Being a single dad finally pays off! Kids got me this for my b-day (a few weeks late but still made my day)

  26. 26 That's a pretty good reason.

  27. 27 a little worried about the middle "farter"

  28. 28 My daughter did a portrait of me for Father's Day. I'm enrolling her in art school tomorrow.

  29. 29 Mothers day breakfast in bed, prepared by 5 year old.

  30. 30 Woke up to this note from my 6 year old.


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