32 Times Artist Placed Realistic Mannequins At Random Places To Mess With People


Mannequins have the most boring job in the world. They’re supposed to stand all day in the same place in the same pose doing nothing at all. But, American artist Mark Jenkins breaks away from the monotonous pattern and rebel. He has reached a whole new level of trolling while calling it art. Jenkins loves to frighten people out by placing realistic looking mannequins in cities all over the world. He calls these installations The Urban Theater.

The artist did his first project back in 2003 when he placed a figure in a refuse dump in Rio de Janeiro. He wanted to draw attention to the rising problem of homeless children on the streets. Eventually, the project grew and some of the artist’s works were featured in venues like Lazarides Galleries and Kunsthalle Wien. From there on, he has been climbing the ladder of success day after day.

Check out his hilarious collection in the curated list below. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!


More Info: xmarkjenkinsx | Instagram



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