32 Things and Moments….YOU DON’T SEE EVERYDAY!


Do you ever feel that the world gets even more crazier each day? There are so many weird and strange things that our world has witnessed! So, lighten up and just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things that you don’t understand. There are things and moments you don’t see every day and when you do they make you go rolling on the floor laughing.


This post is all about such crazy and unexplainable moments where people often end up coming up with hilariously crazy stuff either because they’re having fun doing it or because they’re too lazy to come up with something useful. Some of these are absolutely hilarious, and some are mind freakily indescribable.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The perfect superhero landing

  2. 2 Just chilling here for a while

  3. 3 Right up yours

  4. 4 Water was leaking between the wall and paint


  5. 5 The garbage angel

  6. 6 Let me shake some sense into you

  7. 7 Interesting Unmelted Snow in Madison, Wisconsin

  8. 8 Old McDonald has a farm, he was farming weed there

  9. 9 When you're the leader of the group

  10. 10 Don't have no time to take these shoes off. I'm gonna sleep just like this!

  11. 11 There's always that one friend

  12. 12 Weird love triangle

  13. 13 Facing death as close as possible

  14. 14 When you do the perfect dive

  15. 15 We've got ourselves a new driver

  16. 16 Did someone say free food?!

  17. 17 Injured swan hugs the man who saved him

  18. 18 Aiming for the big fish

  19. 19 Old school tech

  20. 20 These snakes were electrocuted during an epic battle inside an electrical box.

  21. 21 Supporting the all green movement

  22. 22 Went to an open house and encountered this creepy chandelier made out of doll hair

  23. 23 It's a digital stone age

  24. 24 When both of you have shocking news for each other

  25. 25 When someone refuses to change their old car

  26. 26 Oral health is vital

  27. 27 Get on the superhero train

  28. 28 A good sales guy can sell anything

  29. 29 He's attracting positive energy

  30. 30 Say cheese!

  31. 31 Free labor these days

  32. 32 What is this protest about?


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