28 Terrific Inventions Designed Specifically For Women Comfort


Inventions are usually recognized as hyper-technical innovations with artificial intelligence, related to advanced science that will change the lives of millions of people. However, we think there are things of a smaller scale, but no less demanded and necessary in female everyday life, agreed, right? Well, we know the males reading this won’t get it at all.

Whether it is a comforting pillow you have always wanted, a nail polish holder that holds the bottle perfectly, a bra that has a pocket to hold your mobile phone or a brush that automatically changes your hair color, we have got it all in store for you. If you think life is hard, it’s definitely going to get easier ten-folds after getting these amazing items for your self-comfort.


Scroll on the list below and enjoy peeps! These inventions will also make you realize that you need to go shopping and buy some of the things listed here ASAP. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

  1. 1 Single women can also enjoy the cuddles now

  2. 2 No more shampoo tears

  3. 3 Heels or no heels? It's your choice now

  4. 4 The need of every beautician


  5. 5 Bridal Buddy

  6. 6 This swing is designed so that the kid and the parent can swing together.

  7. 7 Time for some winter frost bites

  8. 8 Pregnancy pillow for sleeping comfortably!!

  9. 9 Now you can open that giant mouth

  10. 10 The baby/baggage carrier

  11. 11 You don't need pockets anymore

  12. 12 Beauty brow stamp!!

  13. 13 Towel Topper

  14. 14 Pre-party rituals

  15. 15 Why don't we have these at home?!

  16. 16 360 safety from rain

  17. 17 Defining stretchable at a different level

  18. 18 No more back aches due to shaving

  19. 19 She should thank the infrastructure designers

  20. 20 Because little ones need extra care

  21. 21 When you live in the UK and have to go out

  22. 22 No more mixing up new shades with the one you wore last weekend

  23. 23 Easy as you like

  24. 24 My baby's gonna be happy this winter

  25. 25 Hide your money in plain sight

  26. 26 Glue-free magnetic lashes prevent any damage to your natural eyelashes

  27. 27 No more sweat under your breasts

  28. 28 Japanese toilet baby holder.


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