32 Surprising Shadows That Resulted In Amazing Photos


Darkness, a hint of drama, emotion, deception, interest, or mystery, you know what we are talking about? Yes! You guessed it right, shadows of course! You probably don’t think about them that much when shooting, but shadows can make a scene more dramatic if you know how to use them. Shadows can also help to direct attention to a specific point in the composition. Light and shadows go hand in hand. Most photographers only focus on light to take photos and they come up with some really awesome pictures. However, they could do an even better job of taking creative photos if they used shadows in their photography as well.

Listed in this post are 32 surprising shadows that resulted in amazing photos. Some of these photos focus on shadows as a separate entity; others combine with objects are deceptive showing illusions that have nothing to do with reality.


Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with the photographers in your list to help them find inspiration for shadow photography!



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