35 Surprising Photos Proving That The World is Full of Weird Things and People


The world is a wacky place and humans can be rather odd!

There are people who like to live in their own bubble without giving a damn about anything. They often come up with hilariously crazy stuff either because they’re having fun doing it or because they’re too lazy to come up with something useful.


Sometimes, it’s hard not to be surprised by the world’s craziness. Imagine finding a leopard sitting in front of the car with a pet collar around the neck. That’s just cool.  Even better, imagine walking by someone’s house and finding a car parked in their balcony. It’ll crack you up for sure.

Scroll down peeps to see all that and more in the photos listed below:

  1. 1 He called shotgun

  2. 2 Lobster bike

  3. 3 This Shrek car that rolled into work today.

  4. 4 Beach date


  5. 5 When you wanna wear jeans but its too hot

  6. 6 The American suiting

  7. 7 When the farm comes to Walmart

  8. 8 Baby's day out

  9. 9 Because dogs are too mainstream

  10. 10 Cinderella ran from her wedding

  11. 11 Should I tell him?

  12. 12 perfect parking

  13. 13 Ubering through the Vatican

  14. 14 The British sense of style

  15. 15 He's playing trash music

  16. 16 Cyborg reborn

  17. 17 When your gf can't stop smoking

  18. 18 I’m lovin’ it..?

  19. 19 These appear to be Converse high heels.

  20. 20 Epic Kitchen Design...!

  21. 21 If Levis sold underpants

  22. 22 Thanks, Grandma!

  23. 23 Not being racist but the glow is awesome

  24. 24 Soft stepping

  25. 25 He's on a call with God

  26. 26 That's not her hand bag

  27. 27 When she says she ran out of sanitary pads

  28. 28 Keeping it natural

  29. 29 You said cycle, didn't say what kind

  30. 30 The Cheetahs be like.. "you serious bro?"

  31. 31 When the summer vibes kick in

  32. 32 When they forge to put CGI on The Hulk

  33. 33 Me after 2 drinks

  34. 34 You talking to me?

  35. 35 When she says she likes sticky notes


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