30 Surprising Dream Jobs That You Have Probably Never Even Thought Of


The world is full of opportunities.

There are so many jobs out there that you may not even be aware of yet! We all know of accountants, marketers, sales persons, engineers and more, but did you know of crisp testers and seat fillers? If you did not then read on to learn more about these jobs.

In this post we have listed up 30 interesting jobs that you may never even have heard of before.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Crisp Inspector

    The job of a crisp inspector is - perhaps predictably - to make sure the crisps in your packet are up to scratch. This includes ensuring there are no misshapen, irregular or overcooked crisps in the bag.

  2. 2 Professional queuer

    You can get hire as a professional queuer all you have to do is to get in a line and wait till your turn comes up and you can make upto 20$/hr

  3. 3 Seat filler

    Empty seats on TV are a massive embarrassment to event organisers so prompting television hire 'seat fillers' to fill up the vacant seats .

  4. 4 Professional bridesmaid


    Proficient bridesmaids are basically a celebrated wedding organizer, however as the position involves being incredibly associated with the entire procedure of orchestrating your wedding with you - even to the point of strolling you down the walkway.

  5. 5 Food stylist

    Foodstylist are the people who make arrange food to make it look way more tasty than it is in real life is a really respected career in the culinary world, apparently.

  6. 6 Professional Snuggler

    Proficient snugglers platonicly cuddle with customers in a nestle session. The snuggle session is generally led in a studio. In the session, the connection between the expert snuggler and customer isn't constrained to cuddling. They can talk, have a dinner, play chess.

  7. 7 Netflix Tagger

     Netflix taggers are required to watch hours of latest contents on Netflix, then enter key describing words into the system for each show. This is done for Netflix users to search for shows more easily.

  8. 8 Waterslide Tester

    Waterslide tester is probably the best summer job ever. Waterslide testers travel around the world and ride on exhilarating chutes, flumes and slides. After that, they rate the rides on two factors, “Biggest Splash” and “Adrenaline Factor”. All expenses covered.Waterslide tester can make upto 20,000 pounds a year

  9. 9 Voice Actor

    Literally, sipping tea. Tea tasters are expected to taste up to 200 cups of tea a day and must be versed in every type of tea imaginable. Tea tasters are required travel around the world to test new suppliers and products. Pretty alluring huh? We are deeply sorry for those sensitive to caffeine.Voice actors can make around $29,000 a year

  10. 10 Tea Taster

    Truly, tasting tea. Tea testers are relied upon to taste up to some tea daily and must be versed in each sort of tea possible. Tea testers are required travel the world over to test new providers and items. Truly charming right.

    Tea tasters earn an annual salary of $38,000.

  11. 11 Personal Shopper

    Normally work with one individual , individual customers are completely accountable for keeping the closet loaded up with the most recent must-purchases in the form business. entrenched individual customer can set up to $300,000

  12. 12 Chocolatier

    A chocolatier is fundamentally a craftsman with chocolate. Chocolatiers make a wide range of candy store out of chocolate. Not to be confounded them from chocolate creators who turn cacao beans and different fixings to the treats. Chocolatiers work with chocolate only and make them into extraordinary treats, pastries, and confections to amuse clients everything being equal.

    Average salary is $21,000

  13. 13 Gumologist

    Gumologists taste gums and review new products and developments for chewing gum companies. They play a crucial role especially in designing new flavours. Gumologists need to have the ability to distinguish over 70 ingredients from a pack of gum.

  14. 14

    Whether they’re sleeping for scientific studies or for NASA, professional sleepers have the literal dream job.

    Professional sleeper can make upto $15,000 a year

  15. 15 Taking care of hedgehogs

    Hedgehogs are a famous pet the world over however you can likewise land a position dealing with them in nature.People get hired to take care of hedgehogs and to spred awaerness about them.

  16. 16 Attend somebody’s wedding or other life event.

    People get paid to attend wedding and to act as guests and sometimes people even hire them for funreals 

  17. 17 Being somebody’s temporary friend or family member

    There are plenty websites where you can hire a temproray friend or ask them to act as one of your family member.This trend is is getting hyped in china 

  18. 18 Managing a bingo tournament

    Little kids often play bingo as a game only to return to the sport when they reach their twilight years thanks to local churches and community centers that make it popular.You can get hired as bingo manager and can get some handsome money for that !

  19. 19 Taking photos and selling them to stock image websites

    People who love to take photos can actually sell them on different websites like  iStockPhoto or Shutterstock etc.

  20. 20 Stanley Cup guardian

    As per tradition, each year every member of the Stanley Cup championship team gets to spend a day with the trophy — Pritchard and the other men tasked with guarding the cup spend their days traveling along with them. Other responsibilities include cleaning the cup daily and taking it for professional cleanings twice a year.

  21. 21 Beer taster

    This is typical work, you have to visit and pub visit includes responsibilities like "fixing a problem in the cellar before putting an ale or two to the 'CAT' test, to check for clarity, aroma and taste."

  22. 22 Fortune cookie writer

    people actually get paid to write the fortunes inside those cookies you crack open with your takeout.

  23. 23 Lego professor

     Lego professor at the University of Cambridge,University may soon be on the hunt for a professor to lead a new center at the university funded by the Lego Foundation, according to CNN.

  24. 24 Video game tester

    The job isn't all fun and games, though — it's a serious responsibility and requires you to do more than just play a game from start to finish

  25. 25 Ice cream flavor guru

    If you're an ice cream fanatic here's the best job you can get.A person has to spent thier days and night to pick out the best taste.

  26. 26 Pet Psychic

    Pet psychics is animal communicator who by his telepathy techniques try to learn animal’s emotions.

  27. 27 Gum Buster

    Gum Buster gets out gums from public places being in this sticky job.

  28. 28 Hot Walker

    Hot Walker should calm down horses right after the races by giving them rounds in slow paces. Besides education he should genuinely be a horse lover at the same time.

  29. 29 Crime Scene Cleaner

    This position may include cleaning of damage to walls, doors, stains of blood, bones or human organs. It is one of the dirtiest jobs in the world.

  30. 30 Island Caretaker

    This exotic job has its own demands: to be smart in general carpentry, plumbing, gardening skills, communication skills, management skills and above all adventurous attitude.

    Many private island owners hire caretakers to look after their islands.


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