30 Stunning Bridal Looks From Different Countries


You know folks, weddings aren’t just about choosing to commit forever with the words, “I do” rather they are about representing century’s old customs and beliefs with colors, fabrics, and embellishments through it. While some traditions consider white to be a symbol of purity others choose red to ward off evil.

In all the countries around the world, no two weddings or bridal looks are the same. But it’s globally common that each and every one patiently waits for a glimpse of the bride with bated breaths. No matter the color, length, silhouette, or fabric, wedding dresses around the world are meaningful and symbolic in their own ways.


A traditional Korean bride wears the Hanbok – a full-length gown with simple cuts and vibrant colors. In Cambodia, a traditional bride may wear a gown that has belonged to her family for generations. We bet you’ll be amazed by the stunning diversity our world represents. Scroll on to check out 35 stunning bridal styles from across the world.

  1. 1 Indian bride

  2. 2 Turkish Bride

  3. 3 Sudan

  4. 4 Nigerian Bride


  5. 5 Indonesian bride

  6. 6 Japanese bride

  7. 7 Mongolian Bride

  8. 8 Kazakhstani Bride

  9. 9 Ghana

  10. 10 Scottish bride

  11. 11 Pakistan

  12. 12 Chinese bride

  13. 13 Yakan Bride

  14. 14 Romanian Bride

  15. 15 Matyo Bride

  16. 16 Peru

  17. 17 Russia

  18. 18 Korean bride

  19. 19 Malay

  20. 20 Uzbek Bride

  21. 21 Afghani bride

  22. 22 Turkmen Bride

  23. 23 Kenya

  24. 24 Germany

  25. 25 Bride In Eritrea

  26. 26 The Czech Republic

  27. 27 Vietnam

  28. 28 Morocco

  29. 29 Malaysia

  30. 30 Yemen


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