30 Struggles That All Left-Handed People can Relate to


Let’s face it; the world is so difficult for left-handed people. These individuals have an exclusive ratio that makes up only about 10% of the total population. But, did anyone of you know that for the past 42 years, August 13 is celebrated as International Left-handers Day? Yes, my friends this day is to commemorate the uniqueness of lefties and highlight the struggles and issues they face.

Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Oprah Winfrey, Babe Ruth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Leonardo da Vinci, Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are some of the notable left-handed personalities of the world.


In this post, we have listed 30 struggles that all left-handed people can relate to but despite all the difficulties, all lefties must know that you are said to be the multi-taskers and smarter than others. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Tea is fun only for right handers

  2. 2 No, I just like to do this for fun

  3. 3 Used to happen throughout my school life

  4. 4 The odd ones out


  5. 5 How do I put my preferred hand into this?

  6. 6 Even Morning coffee sucks for left handers

  7. 7 Helping my own hand

  8. 8 When the pen is attached on the right side.

  9. 9 The ink problem remains

  10. 10 Everything is designed for right handers in this world

  11. 11 The lefties panic attack

  12. 12 Never had an actual ice cream scooper before and got excited. Oh...wait...

  13. 13 Trust me these were really hard to find

  14. 14 We need to have separate keyboard shortcuts for left handed people

  15. 15 This is what happens when you use your weaker hand to do precision requiring tasks

  16. 16 At least measurement equipment should have left handed exclusive versions

  17. 17 Always on the right side

  18. 18 The binder ring...

  19. 19 Just yet another leftie problem

  20. 20 When the doubts get cleared out

  21. 21 All the fun inventions aren't meant for lefties

  22. 22 It's all part of the master plan

  23. 23 The left handed art

  24. 24 Two sides of the same world

  25. 25 Someone found a fix

  26. 26 Even washing hands isn't easy

  27. 27 There's a specially designed mouse for lefties. Buy that already!

  28. 28 Always use protection

  29. 29 From love heart to ball sack in no time

  30. 30 Guess who's gonna be messing up chemical reactions now?!


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