30 Ridiculous Salon Names That Will Make You LOL


Establishing your own salon takes long hours of hard work, savvy, research, and even luck. If your dream is to open a salon, make sure that you name it right. Choosing the right name for your business can have an everlasting impact when it comes to propelling your idea of success.

For some people, naming business is a big deal and they require a lot of inspiration to do it right while others go overboard with their creativity and think of hilarious names. We’d like to doff today’s post to the latter category.


Whether their puns make you groan or laugh out loud, there’s no denying that listed below salon names stand out of the crowd. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Wanna get your hair and beauty destroyed?

  2. 2 That's pretty desperate

  3. 3 Who did your hair girl?!

  4. 4 It's a long story

  5. 5 W cut all kinds of hair, including...


  6. 6 I don't see how this is supposed to attract customers

  7. 7 Me to my barber. Just cut the crap!

  8. 8 I can't imagine what those would look like

  9. 9 Come and have a flight with us

  10. 10 Call 911, it's a hair emergency!

  11. 11 Which haircut would you like?

  12. 12 Let's play a game

  13. 13 We'll give you a hand job you'll never forget

  14. 14 We only cut hair in one style...

  15. 15 If someone said that to you, you've come to the right place for a haircut.

  16. 16 Barber: Who sent you to this salon?... Me:..

  17. 17 When you've left all your hopes in God

  18. 18 Only for Evil men

  19. 19 We've got a winner

  20. 20 Straight outta London

  21. 21 How do you cut hair with Twisted scissors?

  22. 22 Its a feeling we can't describe

  23. 23 There's new heads on the block. Let's give them haircuts!

  24. 24 How you want your hair to look

  25. 25 England's very own

  26. 26 After Marry Poppins, I present to you

  27. 27 I'm not going anywhere near that store

  28. 28 Can you watch while getting a hair cut?

  29. 29 It's the era of the internet after all

  30. 30 We specialize in the Potato Hair cut


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