30 Right moment Photos Taken From the Right Angle Proving Angles Are Everything


Some mind-blowing moments like the crashing of waves piercing the air, scenic surroundings with lush greenery or the cacophony of thunder rising to an exhilarating crescendo, fades away in our memory with time. But when a magazine opens in your hand with a full frame photo of such scenes at eye level, your senses jump and your blood race faster because suddenly you remember what it feels like to be there in reality. It’s enormity practically piercing your soul due to perfect camera angles.


Yes, folks! The right angle can change everything. It is one of the quickest ways to add interest and variety to your photos. In this post, we have listed 30 right moment photos taken from the right angle that proves angles can create mind-boggling effects. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The attitude of a queen

  2. 2 An architectural marvel

  3. 3 Birds have really evolved overtime

  4. 4 A sight romantics would die for


  5. 5 Check out those thighs fellas

  6. 6 Illuminati confirmed

  7. 7 Holding by a string

  8. 8 When she says " Delete them after seeing"

  9. 9 You shouldn't have let go

  10. 10 The tube confusion

  11. 11 Catch the flower

  12. 12 Egyption Cyborg 10000

  13. 13 Look at it from a new perspective

  14. 14 So that explains a lot about clouds

  15. 15 The new part of Gulliver's travel

  16. 16 When mum says there's nothing for breakfast

  17. 17 Looks like it's Humpty's first time

  18. 18 That's why you always need crowd's support

  19. 19 I think my kid is broken

  20. 20 Who doesn't like fresh melons?


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