30 Ridiculously Hilarious Facepalm Photos


Ever seen something so ridiculous that words could never describe it? that’s a facepalm moment. When words fail you, you turn to body language to deliver your message.

And nothing says “Idiot” better than a face palm.

We can’t really show people our facepalm on social media, so we use hilarious face palm photos instead to say what words could not!


Listed in this post are 30 hilarious face palm photos that speak louder than a thousand words. Next time you see something stupid, just comment with one of these they’ll deliver your message loud and clear.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 His new car.

  2. 2 Highest level of security.

  3. 3 The real twilight saga

  4. 4 He needs to read the instruction of that cap.


  5. 5 His girlfriend won't leave him alone.

  6. 6 You don't say.

  7. 7 Jacob Black hitting a new trend.

  8. 8 You had only one job

  9. 9 No one is getting in by that secured barrier.

  10. 10 Salute to the engineer.

  11. 11 That's a small mountain around the pavement.

  12. 12 I guess people with hat has no brain

  13. 13 A brainless marathon.

  14. 14 There can not be a better place for an ATM than that.

  15. 15 You don't say .

  16. 16 You're *** correction plz!

  17. 17 She needs to start studying about reptiles

  18. 18 Yeah statue of liberty is on diet

  19. 19 Why would he not turn his cap !.

  20. 20 Yeah now that will work till dooms day !

  21. 21 Brains are very special.

  22. 22 Those are rectal thermometers

  23. 23 Hat fail #101.

  24. 24 We never knew that !

  25. 25 Nasa is just wasting the money

  26. 26 What kind of way is that to take a picture.

  27. 27 When you cant put a tissue roll in a proper place *face palm*.

  28. 28 Who wrote that lyrics .

  29. 29 She needs a lot of sex knowledge.

  30. 30 A ligate face palm over here

  31. 31 Working hard like an idiot .


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