32 Ridiculously Bizarre Runway Fashion Looks Seems to be Created By Drunk Designers


In fashion individuality and creativity is extremely important. Some millennial fashion designers like to standout through actual charisma and character while others make their statements via ridiculous attire. This post is about the latter category. These designers create the most bizarre runway fashion looks. Awkward figures, huge silhouettes, clumpy shoes and odd headwear; heinous is the new hot trend for them.

Listed in this post are photos of some of the most bizarre runway fashion fails that seems to be created by drunk designers.  We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 If Thanos was a dress designer

  2. 2 How Cringe-worthy do you find this on a scale of 1-10?

  3. 3 He's trying to be just like Superman

  4. 4 What a fire fighter's dress must look like after a job is done


  5. 5 Is this some sort of a punishment?

  6. 6 When the designer showcases her face without even coming on the ramp

  7. 7 When you fight with the big boys

  8. 8 Releasing some pressure

  9. 9 When you can't decide on what to wear so you wear every piece of clothing that you can find

  10. 10 Literally from out of this world

  11. 11 When you're going out with friends and mum says "take your little sister as well"

  12. 12 Mickey Mouse and some extra hands

  13. 13 They call me bubbles

  14. 14 I bet the front must look good

  15. 15 Did they design this for a scary movie?

  16. 16 Just a bone, with a face, walking the ramp

  17. 17 You open your closet and this thing comes out. What are you gonna do?

  18. 18 When you buy extra cloth for the suit and don't know what to do with it

  19. 19 How does it feel, wearing someone else's face?

  20. 20 Is this a new Power Ranger?

  21. 21 Keeping the spotlight on herself

  22. 22 Play me a tune senora

  23. 23 When mom asks me to take all the blankets to the other room

  24. 24 Trick or treat people?!

  25. 25 She's trying to prove a point here but I have zero idea what the point is

  26. 26 When you finally finish school after a tough day

  27. 27 They call me bob-head

  28. 28 Wanna take a peak into it?

  29. 29 When you decide you're going to compete against the sun today

  30. 30 No, it's not


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