32 Regrettable Yet Hilarious Girlfriend Tattoo Fails


Getting a tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea because the experience and suffering of having needles repeatedly poked into the skin are hardly bearable.

However, despite all the stigmas attached to inked skin, every tattoo lover argues that there is something rather purifying about the experience. The everlasting imprint holds a deeper meaning for them especially if you want to engrave your lover’s name or ink their portrait on your skin for forever.


Are you looking to get your tattoo done? just be cautious to look at examples of prior work before you let someone draw any kind of tattoos on you because tattoo fails are so damn common and they are often hilarious too!

Listed in this post are 32 regrettable yet most hilarious girlfriend tattoo fails that will make you laugh hard. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Perfect replica

  2. 2 The tattoo makes her look like a scary movie character

  3. 3 Nicely done

  4. 4 Not going to the tattoo shop again


  5. 5 This tattoo artist was very racist

  6. 6 It's not the tattoo artist's fault

  7. 7 She got tanned in the tattoo

  8. 8 A tattoo from hell

  9. 9 This tattoo could really use some dental support

  10. 10 When the tattoo artist tries to be funny

  11. 11 Funny eyes

  12. 12 When you already look so ugly and the tattoo artist enhances that even more

  13. 13 Megan is a lucky girl

  14. 14 The most drunk tattoo ever

  15. 15 He drew a whole different person

  16. 16 From America to Egypt in no time

  17. 17 Ah, there's a pimple again

  18. 18 Fishy last name

  19. 19 A void that can never be filled

  20. 20 When you live with dogs all the time

  21. 21 Wrong tattoo placement

  22. 22 He's on fire

  23. 23 If this doesn't creep Brenda out, nothing can!

  24. 24 Close Enough

  25. 25 The tattoo changed her gender

  26. 26 God bless Marilyn

  27. 27 Wake up to this every morning

  28. 28 When the tattoo artist doesn't like your complexion

  29. 29 A tattoo adds 20 years to your age

  30. 30 Facts stay the same

  31. 31 From Hot to Not in a space of 1 tattoo

  32. 32 When you make a tattoo out of your issues


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