35 Rebels With Sense of Humour Who Don’t Care About Rules


Do you know what the reverse psychology of human nature is all about? It’s when you’re told not to do something, you will feel a sudden urge to defy the authority and do exactly what you have been advised not to do.

Though from our very childhood, we are encouraged by our society to follow rules. But not everyone succumbs to acceptance. Some people are born to be rebels.  They’ll break the rules with great satisfaction, and they’ll proudly pose for a photo to boost their rebellion.


In this post, we have listed up hilarious photos of rebels with quite a sense of humor who don’t care about rules. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Let's do them both together

  2. 2 Oops did I exceed the word count?

  3. 3 What about the ones on two feet?

  4. 4 Sorry I brought mine


  5. 5 He didn't even ask for it

  6. 6 Granny doesn't give two shits about your rules

  7. 7 He's still working on it

  8. 8 This is where the rivalry started

  9. 9 He didn't have a choice

  10. 10 The spirit of true rebels

  11. 11 They were asking for it

  12. 12 My daughter is a badass

  13. 13 This needs further investigation

  14. 14 Ever seen a woman with a beard? Well, here's one!

  15. 15 Doggo is a rebel

  16. 16 This triggered me

  17. 17 This one took some real effort to execute

  18. 18 Say No to Racism

  19. 19 Kitty's got no rules

  20. 20 Here's all the China the patio could fit

  21. 21 The perfect post flip message

  22. 22 I live by my rules, and by my rules only

  23. 23 This grumpy rebel

  24. 24 "Technically I'm sitting, not swimming." - Rebellious hound.

  25. 25 Let's do both at the same time

  26. 26 Eyes on the table fellas

  27. 27 What are you gonna do?!

  28. 28 That's a really feminine looking man

  29. 29 Little sandy is surely going to be a rebel

  30. 30 This will get me killed someday

  31. 31 A sign can't stop me from diving

  32. 32 All eyes on you

  33. 33 Up and above

  34. 34 Is this appropriate enough?

  35. 35 It's the perfect hiding spot


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