30 Real Life bunch of Beautiful Idiots


You know they say, “Stupidity is a universal trait.” Well, if you ponder upon the craziness of this world, you’ll find this statement up to the mark.  The apathy of a human mind is not restricted by the boundaries of race, color, gender or religion. Our world is loaded with dumb people. It is easy to spot them. They’re the ones who’ll either be found doing something completely absurd or they’ll be engaged in senseless arguments.

In this post, we have given spotlight to the first category of Idiots who’re regularly engaged in highly absurd activities. Not just that, they’re proud of their behavior and keep a record of all their engagements on social media. So, listed below are 30 absurd pictures of real life people doing imprudent things. These people prove that common sense is literally not so common in everyone.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. We bet you’ll go ROFL by the end of this post!

  1. 1 I'm struggling to imagine what it's like to own those two cars.

  2. 2 Laziness at its peak.

  3. 3 That's just an accident waiting to happen.

  4. 4 Gotta respect their mindfulness of the Neighbours


  5. 5 Trolling level 9000!!

  6. 6 Can't you see the stop sign.

  7. 7 That's just genius level intellect.

  8. 8 What possessed him to even try that?

  9. 9 At least it didn’t get on her shirt.

  10. 10 Is that supposed to signify something else?

  11. 11 As you can see here we value health and safety above all else. - Gotta get those vents clean.

  12. 12 He's definitely not getting off the same as he got on.

  13. 13 Anti theft gone wrong

  14. 14 Drunk barista.

  15. 15 This guy should be under supervision at all times.

  16. 16 Just get a bigger ladder.

  17. 17 Good luck erasing that!!

  18. 18 When it's so cold that you're willing to take the risk.

  19. 19 He was probably born after 2000.

  20. 20 Someone call Child Protective Services.

  21. 21 I'd grab some popcorn and just wait.

  22. 22 Bone jaw madam moo zell.

  23. 23 There's a difference between a tortoise and a turtle.

  24. 24 How could they actually take it literally.

  25. 25 Just steal another one.

  26. 26 Worst granddaughter award goes to... you guessed it. Julie.

  27. 27 Someone please explain how electricity works to this idiot.

  28. 28 Past tents.

  29. 29 Fat water bird.

  30. 30 When your hair is more important than your laptop


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