40 Rarely Captured Perfectly Timed Masterpieces That Will Mess With Your Head


You know, Friends! Sometimes “who, what, and how” is surpassed by “when.” And that’s why we have often heard, “timing is everything.” It’s a reality of life, even if a rather cruel one.

In photography, 1/100th of a second can mean the difference between capturing a perfectly timed masterpiece or just an ordinary photograph. Everyone loves a fair share of perfectly timed photos because there is something about these photos that make us realize the power of a split second.


From funny accidental falls to hilarious expressions and occurrences, listed up in this post are 40 perfectly timed masterpieces that will mess with your head like no other. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. So, start your laugh meters and scroll through the images below. Don’t forget to share your favorite photos with the photographers in your list. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 My friend pouring beer all over her wedding dress.

  2. 2 My buddy got hit with a beach ball, and I happened to be taking a selfie when it happened

  3. 3 And he jumps from the top rope. Frog Splash!

  4. 4 His friends reaction is priceless


  5. 5 It's raining ! Great drops on my umbrella

  6. 6 Timed to perfection.

  7. 7 The look on his face is priceless.

  8. 8 Apparently the satanic spirit possessing my cat doesn't like selfies

  9. 9 The lightning struck the moment my friend took photo.

  10. 10 I knew it.

  11. 11 Perfectly timed photo of a dog yawning.

  12. 12 Ignition.

  13. 13 That car's farting fire.

  14. 14 You thought that was a giant bird for a second, right?

  15. 15 Water bending.

  16. 16 Me getting out of one problem and going straight to the next.

  17. 17 Their skills are on another level.

  18. 18 No escaping it now.

  19. 19 Hey, man. You got a light?

  20. 20 Putting it all on the line for a biscuit.

  21. 21 That mysterious triumphant ghost caught in a broken light bulb

  22. 22 Sausage fest.

  23. 23 My brother took a picture with his IPhone at the exact moment a spark ricocheted off of my ear

  24. 24 Men just can't help themselves.

  25. 25 The lid coming off Jonah Hills drink

  26. 26 Cricket at a wedding with a photographer who clearly wasn’t expecting such a well-directed bouncer

  27. 27 Waste of a perfectly good ice cream.

  28. 28 Masked thief steals bag off the beach in Costa Rica

  29. 29 Always check your pockets before climbing poles

  30. 30 Slippery little fella

  31. 31 Now kids despite what you see on National Geographic, it's not okay to hold snakes.

  32. 32 I got ya.

  33. 33 Nice dress btw

  34. 34 Excitement loading.

  35. 35 Buffering at the right place, at the right time

  36. 36 Even the cloth can't change instincts.

  37. 37 Nearly had it.

  38. 38 Kingfisher Diving into pond

  39. 39 This diving photo I took of my friend makes it look she's doing a handstand on water

  40. 40 Dwayne Wade, chrissy teigen, John Legend


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