30 Random Ridiculous Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened


Do you think you’re having a bad day? Take a deep breath. Let yourself calm down. Trust us, folks! There are people who have had it much worse. When you live your life to the fullest, failures are inevitable. It happens to all of us. Yeah! We understand that it’s quite frustrating, but looking back such days with random fails are the most hilarious days of our lives. These are the days that we narrate in gatherings to share laughs among friends and family. So, lighten up peeps and enjoy every minute of your life by laughing off every bad moment in life!


In this post we have listed 30 photos of random ridiculous fails that you won’t believe actually happened to all those poor souls out there. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps! Laugh at these photos and laugh on your own mishaps too. Don’t let the random fails get you down.

  1. 1 When you park in a VERY wrong spot

  2. 2 How to SeeSaw

  3. 3 Monday mornings be like

  4. 4 Hello 911, an alligator is staring at me..


  5. 5 The old generation of mobile phones


  6. 6 Should I tell him?

  7. 7 Everybody's a gangsta until this guy walks in

  8. 8 When the carpenter trolls you

  9. 9 Big gulps, huh? Well, see ya later.

  10. 10 How to NOT do security 101

  11. 11 At least he still has a car

  12. 12 Someone needed just the tires

  13. 13 Crocs Version 2.0

  14. 14 After chopping potatoes, garlic, and parsley, this knife got KO’d by the butter.

  15. 15 When someone tried to eat an artificial apple!

  16. 16 Can't let go. The books are expensive.

  17. 17 You were supposed to be on our side!!

  18. 18 When the road contractor is corrupt

  19. 19 $200,000 Aston Martin delivery goes wrong

  20. 20 A backend developer who takes job title very seriously

  21. 21 Fan moment reality

  22. 22 My dog experienced a new kind of pain that day

  23. 23 Close enough?

  24. 24 When unicorn birthday cake goes wrong!!

  25. 25 No parking? Alright!

  26. 26 A riddle for the dirty minds

  27. 27 Includes foot!

  28. 28 If you are suffering from alcoholism and find yourself unable to drive, there's a number you can call

  29. 29 When you're obsessed with your own work's quality

  30. 30 Marc with a C

  31. 31 Oh! the irony...!


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