32 Random Hilarious Comparisons That Will be Todays Dose of Fun


In this era of technology, it is tough not to get compared to someone, especially if you are in the limelight all the time. Who wore it better” is a new emerging trend of comparing random things on the internet that shows people and celebrities looking like logos, objects, and ordinary things. Sometimes, the list also has some hilarious comparisons of expectations vs. reality photos that can make anyone laugh out loud.


Who looks better Miley Cyrus or the laughing horse?  Who wore it better our stunning Taylor Swift or the bus seats?  We really can’t pick. So, you be the judge and decide! Listed up in this post are 32 random hilarious comparisons that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share your favorite ones with your friends as well.

  1. 1 We know where Miley got her inspiration from

  2. 2 Bubbles got sick

  3. 3 Close enough

  4. 4 Guess her ex owns the bus


  5. 5 Miley vs JB

  6. 6 Bet he isn't as fast with all those gains

  7. 7 Can I be your tissue box?

  8. 8 In honor of Father's day this weekend, here is a side by side comparison of my dad and grumpy cat.

  9. 9 Both share the same brain

  10. 10 She's real!!

  11. 11 Kitty doesn't like the Weakend

  12. 12 Roy oh Roy

  13. 13 I would prefer the tooth

  14. 14 There's a clear difference

  15. 15 My teacher dressed accordingly

  16. 16 Lil Wayne on his way to Area 51

  17. 17 When you love washing cars

  18. 18 Nicki vs Kitty

  19. 19 Justin Timberlake is a noodles fan

  20. 20 Flat or fat

  21. 21 Paint it with blood

  22. 22 Chewbacca has aged well

  23. 23 Whipped Trump cream

  24. 24 The little one has grown up

  25. 25 Versace was in the cartoons

  26. 26 Zebras aren't this creepy

  27. 27 JB is still a baby

  28. 28 Ripped car seat

  29. 29 The First Lady kept it very simple

  30. 30 Rihana's having some love me time


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