35 Random Funny Look Alike


Are you having one of those days when you have practically nothing to do? Don’t fret it! If you’re looking for a good laugh then you’re at the right place. We are back with our morning cup of random lookalikes.


Start your laugh meter and scroll on peeps. We have curated a list of almost 35 random lookalike photos of today’s internet that will lift your mood within seconds.  From a curled dog looking like a croissant to a German shepherd looking like a kangaroo, we bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Our favorite image s in the lot are the 6th and 14th one, let us know yours too and don’t forget to share this post with all the friends on your list and enjoy some roars of laughter together!

  1. 1 The Italian Stallion

  2. 2 I would prefer the tooth

  3. 3 Emma has been a meme all these years

  4. 4 The apple granny


  5. 5 Croissant and this sleeping Shar-pei

  6. 6 Asian food inspired by this guy

  7. 7 The resemblance is uncanny

  8. 8 Forehead Wrinkle And Jabba The Hutt

  9. 9 When you have zero curves on your face

  10. 10 The mischievous one

  11. 11 Giving us hair style goals

  12. 12 German shepherd? I think we adopted a kangaroo.

  13. 13 When I find food in the fridge at midnight

  14. 14 Too close to call it off

  15. 15 Mr. Grumpy pants

  16. 16 Always knew this guy was from India

  17. 17 The intelligent one

  18. 18 I found the real life granny

  19. 19 The Monkey wold have run the office in a better way

  20. 20 Soul mates

  21. 21 It's Britney fellas

  22. 22 Sid survived the ice age

  23. 23 Found Nicki's hair at a clothing store

  24. 24 Smile like you meant it

  25. 25 Eyes focused on the target

  26. 26 Gollum has got a new look

  27. 27 The Lorax and Harvey Updyke

  28. 28 Found origins of the pout

  29. 29 Not enough fat on the chin

  30. 30 She got it right

  31. 31 HE IS REAL!

  32. 32 That smile, its where it all started

  33. 33 David Cameron Looks Like A Train

  34. 34 Straight outta American Pie

  35. 35 This Snowy Grill Looks Like Karl Lagerfeld


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