30 Pun-tastic Boat Names That Will Make The Whole Harbour Laugh Out Loud


Love them or hate them, puns are funny phrases that play on words double meanings for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. They are also called paronomasia.

We assure you one thing, folks!  Coming up with puns is no easy feat. You need a creative brain to find wordplay that is both hilarious and easy to understand by everyone. Some people have got this skill nailed down pretty well.


In this post, we have listed Pun-tastic boat names that made the whole harbor laugh out loud and we bet you will be rolling on the floor laughing as well by the end of this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. If you know any boat owners then share this post with them, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 Me after sunbathing for an hour

  2. 2 Come to safety with us

  3. 3 She's on the roll

  4. 4 That's what my parents call me


  5. 5 Over and out

  6. 6 On a regular basis

  7. 7 Ah here we go again

  8. 8 The perfect name doesn't ex...

  9. 9 Thinking ahead...

  10. 10 Rodfather 3

  11. 11 3 of the most wasted seamen

  12. 12 Describe your girl in two words?

  13. 13 Which ones?

  14. 14 Totally worth it

  15. 15 A secret message to all women out there

  16. 16 The owner is very truthful

  17. 17 Cheeky name

  18. 18 If you ask an Engineer to name your boat

  19. 19 From ISIS to OASIS in two sprays

  20. 20 Don't know what's real anymore

  21. 21 What are you looking at?

  22. 22 It's healthy for you

  23. 23 Give it a try

  24. 24 Come dine with us

  25. 25 This could totally be a music system's name

  26. 26 A good sense of humor

  27. 27 Sinking of the Titanic

  28. 28 The greatest name for a boat

  29. 29 So Punny

  30. 30 When she likes it too much

  31. 31 Did you read it right?

  32. 32 A sad story of unlikely tastes

  33. 33 You'll get an airgasm for sure once you ride this boat

  34. 34 The real Sea Nymph

  35. 35 Fishing Failure


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