33 Products You Won’t Believe are Actually Available For Sale Online


There’s a lot to be said for shopping online because it’s one of the biggest miracle we have for our ease. The Internet is basically the largest shopping mall the world has ever seen, with every product you could ever imagine available for sale and the key perk is that it’s open round the clock. So while it’s definitely worked wonders for our access to products and information, there are also some weird and hilarious products online that you won’t believe actually exist on the internet.


In this post, we have listed 33 such unbelievable products that are available for sale online. These wacky products will definitely make you go ROFL! Scroll on peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 Spy camera that could help you end up in jail

  2. 2 For an evergreen skin

  3. 3 Or easily call it a straw?

  4. 4 For emergency situations only


  5. 5 Not demotivating at all for The Brits

  6. 6 What is "healthy smoking"?

  7. 7 You can pick the skin tone of your choice

  8. 8 A fisherman's hand bag

  9. 9 Get this if you're a fried chicken lover

  10. 10 Just take my money already

  11. 11 How will I explain this mouse pad to my mum?

  12. 12 Something to make the vegans happy

  13. 13 Kitty to help you out in troubles

  14. 14 I wonder what it would taste like

  15. 15 Now you can carry your cat with you everywhere

  16. 16 Sleeping with Nick

  17. 17 A sandwich in grainform

  18. 18 The Atomic Energy department should worry about this one

  19. 19 100% organic

  20. 20 Not the kinda dirty talk I was looking for

  21. 21 Looks like the real thing indeed

  22. 22 I actually do want this

  23. 23 They smell like perfume

  24. 24 She's got T-Rex socks

  25. 25 Because You're A Mutant: Wearable Tails

  26. 26 I'm quitting tea as of today

  27. 27 The new wiping tech

  28. 28 Dog thongs....!

  29. 29 A new way to sleep on flights

  30. 30 Better than smokes

  31. 31 Toilet Bowl Water Fountain

  32. 32 These kitty wigs will rock your world

  33. 33 For releasing stress


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